A complementary way to

improve your health

Goal: to support and guide the person on the path to happiness

  • Prevention and maintenance of quality of life in the long term.

Difference from the sick concept:

  • Illness is not just discomfort or suffering. It also has the function of cleaning the body so that it does not accumulate toxins.
  • The body asks to correct or change the lifestyle.

Traditional medicine treats symptoms using medications and making symptoms improve but leaving the cause behind. Thus the disease is repeated again.

Japanese Integrative Medicine seeks the cause of the disease, treats and eliminates that cause by allowing cure. To find the cause, a complete analysis of the person is performed, considering the physical, emotional, psychological, social, energetic, food, etc. Everything counts, all aspects help to find the cause.

Common causes are:

  • Hereditary toxins – urinary toxins – drug toxins – stress.

The accumulation of toxins in bones, joints, organs, nerves, muscles and tendons, and in other parts of the body, lead to disease. These toxins have to come out to allow purification.

The toxins try to get out where there’s some hole. From the middle of the trunk upwards, they try to exit through the nose, ears, mouth, eyes and tonsils. From the center of the trunk down they try to get out through urine, hels and, in the women, by vagina.

When toxins come out of lower openings, removal is easier and more important. As the upper holes are smaller, the free space is smaller and the process eliminates the most painful.

Therefore, it is preferable to direct the outlet of toxins towards the bottom.

When detecting toxins, we must analyze all the necessary path to direct the toxins towards the outlet, detect any obstructions that may exist and then eliminate it to allow a good elimination.

The treatment technique is to analyze symptoms, detect the cause and allow toxins to come out.

Therapist Yasuhiro Ohno



"I used cortisone and other strong medications, but I did not need to take any more medication. I really appreciate that. I am very pleased Yasuhiro Ohno !!"

- Liliana Macedo

"In the first consultation, or Mr. Ohno discovered or my problem, it was a fault with me! At this time I noticed after the first treatment and after 1 month I felt healed."

- Tiago Ferreira

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