On the Principles of

Okada-style Debugging Therapy

(1)In the first half of his life Okada experienced the most varied diseases, conditions so serious that led him to resign himself to death.

(2)He discovered that the human being is born thanks to the will of the Great Nature, endowed with the natural capacity for healing which, by accumulating impure substances, restores its original state.

(3)Many persons devoted to alternative treatments reportedly rely on this natural capacity for healing.

(4) We like it or not, when the impure molecules of the body are concentrated to some degree the mechanism that tries to expel them begins.

(5)If we leave him freed to nature, the metabolic principles will cleanse the inside of the body which at the end returns to the human being healthier than before.

(6)Okada called it the Process of Purification and explained that it is one of the truths of Great Nature.

(7)Being the disease being a process of cleaning the inside of the body and considering how beneficial it would be for humanity to discover a method that would accelerate the expulsion of impure molecules, shorten the ailment and stop it to its lowest degree; carrying this great longing, after more than a decade of repeated clinical experiences with approximately 20,000 patients, created a highly effective healing method.

(8)Based on this theory and the results of its application, Mokichi Okada announced to the world his Okada-style Debugging Therapy in 1935.

(1)Okada-style Debugging Therapy is characterized by considering “disease” as a “cleansing process” and not conceiving the disease outside the internal organs; it is based on the theory of the “depuration process” which includes the accumulation and solidification of toxins (first phase of the purification process) and the dissolution and elimination of them (second phase of the purification process).

(2)Discover the “process of accumulation of toxins and their removal order”. Okada-style Debugging Therapy removes impurities that hinder human health, elevates the natural healing power that is inherent to it, and the symptoms of the disease improve by accelerating the purification process.

  • People interested in energy therapy.
  • Doctors, medical staff, and several alternative medical professionals can study the knowledge and causes of the disease so that patients can be examined from a new perspective.
  • Those who want to maintain and improve their own health and family health.
  • Those who practice yoga or meditation and want to improve their spirituality.
  • Those who want to improve people who are in trouble due to illness.
  • In Japan, in the Takanawa neighborhood, Tokyo, mainly doctors with understanding are dedicated to treating diseases.
  • Thanks to the recognition of the Ministry of Health the trust that they place us has doubled, the wonderful healing effect on patients who visit it daily is on the rise, so that its same reputation has become more renowned.



  • The “MOA medal” contains the “Hikari” ideogram written by Mokichi Okada.
  • During the second stage of Okada’s life, he is unconditionally engaged in the search for Truth, discovering that this world is made up of a visible material world and an invisible spiritual world.
  • Both worlds are inseparable.
  • It also discovers the existence of a life force found in the great Universe, which is developed regulated by laws.
  • In this way, it creates Okada-style Depurative Therapy as a way to increase health through the use of that life force.
  • Consequently, it opens the way for all people to practice Depurative Therapy through receiving the ideogram “Hikari” written on paper, a method decided by the Master himself.
  • The “Hikari” ideogram represents the source of life’s strength. That is, the natural power that is scattered in the Universe, manages to be radiated through the hand and fingers of the therapist, through the ideogram “Hikari”.
The calligraphy “Hikari” (Light)



Intermediate lever 2 day, 14h


3 books, com medalha (A calligraphy Light)



Intermediate lever 8 day, 56h


3 books, com medalha (A calligraphy Light)

If you are to advance medalha *bright light 400€



“Usó cortisona y otras medicinas fuertes, pero después de recibir tratamiento, ya no necesitaba usar ningún medicamento. Realmente lo aprecio. ¡¡Muchas gracias Yasuhiro Ohno!!”

– Liliana Macedo

“En la primera consulta, el Sr. Ohno descubrió mi problema, ¡era un riñón que funcionaba mal! La mejora fue notable después del primer tratamiento y después de 1 mes me sentí curado.” 

– Tiago Ferreira



"I used cortisone and other strong medications, but I did not need to take any more medication. I really appreciate that. I am very pleased Yasuhiro Ohno !!"

- Liliana Macedo

"In the first consultation, or Mr. Ohno discovered or my problem, it was a fault with me! At this time I noticed after the first treatment and after 1 month I felt healed."

- Tiago Ferreira

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