Depurative medicine

Depurative medicine and purification process, when impurities (toxins) accumulate in the body, a process occurs to remove them.

Pain and suffering, commonly known as disease, accompany this purifying process. Therefore, the disease is the purifying process which is accompanied by pain and suffering.

The fact that one encounters pain and suffering has as meaning the existence of some anomaly in some part of the body and that a function is being carried out to bring that anomaly back to normal. The ability to restore normality is known as Natural Healing Power and is also called Natural Recovery Power or Purifying Power.

Humans could also mind health through a periodic and repetitive purification process, just as the purifying process works through wind and rain within the Natural World.

Natural Healing Power in each person, would not function properly because such natural rhythm was being destroyed by over-reliance on drugs and foreign substances such as chemicals that are retained and accumulate in large proportions within the body. As a result, through becoming an organism whose Natural Healing Power does not function properly, toxins would stagnate excessively in the body, bursting suddenly and causing serious illness.

Depurative Therapy is a treatment designed by Okada, which improves the Natural Healing Power that humans possess innately, to restore the body or to be able to effectively maintain a normal rhythm adapted to nature.

If we take the case of a common cold, this is a process of purifying toxins that occurs in the body. Because of that, easily without relying on medications, we will improve through Okada-style Depurative Therapy by increasing our Natural Healing Power, making it easier for the toxin removal process. In this way, we can maintain a healthy natural rhythm. Even in this case, however, it is not necessary to say that depending on the situation, we must seek the help and criteria of the doctors.

Therapist Yasuhiro Ohno



“Usó cortisona y otras medicinas fuertes, pero después de recibir tratamiento, ya no necesitaba usar ningún medicamento. Realmente lo aprecio. ¡¡Muchas gracias Yasuhiro Ohno!!”

– Liliana Macedo

“En la primera consulta, el Sr. Ohno descubrió mi problema, ¡era un riñón que funcionaba mal! La mejora fue notable después del primer tratamiento y después de 1 mes me sentí curado.” 

– Tiago Ferreira



"I used cortisone and other strong medications, but I did not need to take any more medication. I really appreciate that. I am very pleased Yasuhiro Ohno !!"

- Liliana Macedo

"In the first consultation, or Mr. Ohno discovered or my problem, it was a fault with me! At this time I noticed after the first treatment and after 1 month I felt healed."

- Tiago Ferreira

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