The health situation

of modern man

The health of the Japanese people has changed enormously after the end of the second world war. The increase in lifestyle-derived disease cases is symbolically the most outstanding. Before the war, the biggest cause of death among Japanese was linked to contagious diseases, but today, cancer, heart disease, brain-vascular diseases, i.e. lifestyle-derived diseases, are at most the mortality rate. In addition, the sudden increase in the number of people heading towards these diseases has become a huge threat to the general population.

In addition, although the average life expectancy has been extended, the cases of elderly people living prostrate in their beds and others suffering from alteration of mental faculties suddenly increase, giving rise to the great task of how much “the duration of health” of each can be extended.

Increased cases of infertility and psychosomatic syndromes are some examples of diseases whose causes contemporary medicine finds difficult to determine is also a symbol of the health status of today’s people.

Although deaths from contagious diseases are declining, on the other hand, cases of new and powerful infectious diseases have never been experienced before, such as HIV/AIDS virus, Ebola virus and Avian Influenza, which are becoming new threats.

Where are the causes of this type of change and aggravation in the health of contemporary humans?

In particular, strong trends in which medical treatments and public health are fully attached to Western medicine by ignoring nature and treating diseases in a palliative way by attacking symptoms; the modernization of agriculture and food processing, the use of synthetic and agrochemical fertilizers based on mercantilism; contamination of food through food additives, in addition to the decrease in heavy lifting due to the modernization of the industry; lack of exercise due to the popularization of cars and electric household items, among others, all of these factors would have a major influence on the health of contemporary people.

Therapist Yasuhiro Ohno



“Usó cortisona y otras medicinas fuertes, pero después de recibir tratamiento, ya no necesitaba usar ningún medicamento. Realmente lo aprecio. ¡¡Muchas gracias Yasuhiro Ohno!!”

– Liliana Macedo

“En la primera consulta, el Sr. Ohno descubrió mi problema, ¡era un riñón que funcionaba mal! La mejora fue notable después del primer tratamiento y después de 1 mes me sentí curado.” 

– Tiago Ferreira



"I used cortisone and other strong medications, but I did not need to take any more medication. I really appreciate that. I am very pleased Yasuhiro Ohno !!"

- Liliana Macedo

"In the first consultation, or Mr. Ohno discovered or my problem, it was a fault with me! At this time I noticed after the first treatment and after 1 month I felt healed."

- Tiago Ferreira

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